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Dr. Jamal A. Khan and Dr Sharmin Yaqin are leading cancer Immunotherapists in India, who introduced the concept of customised treatment in cancer, cell-based treatments, and cancer Immunotherapy through Denvax clinics. Together they pioneered work in cancer immunotherapy when the word Immunotherapy was unheard of, even amongst doctor communities. For a good 10 years they struggled with explaining this treatment to patients as well as medical professionals. The treatment, though quite common and popular in the West and the developed world, was relatively unheard of in India, until 2014 when ASCO and AACR popularised the therapy holding a worldwide conference in 2014 in the US. Suddenly the word “Immunotherapy” caught everyone’s attention and became the hot topic in cancer treatment process. Get in touch with us today to know about Denvax treatment cost in India.

Dr. Jamal A. Khan

Dr. Jamal A. Khan Cancer Specialist and Oncologist

Dr. Jamal A. Khan

Dr Jamal A. Khan, MBBS, MD (Medical Microbiology), was a professor in Aligarh Muslim university, teaching Immunology when he developed interest in the power of immune system, and ways to harness it. He started his pre-clinical work in 1997, and began his study using animal models. In 2004, he moved to Delhi, set up his lab and began clinical work, with required permissions. For 19 years he has been doing exclusive dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapy, in thousands of patients from India and outside.

Currently, he lives in Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai. He manages all his offices & patients from here.

Dr. Sharmin Yaqin

Dr. Sharmin Yaqin, MBBS, MD (Clinical Biochemistry), was pursuing her post- graduate when she developed interest in protein extraction, and their role in cancer behaviour. She pursued her interest in tumour immunology and collaborated with Dr. Khan to bring the treatment from bench- to bedside.

She has been instrumental in setting up offices in- and out of India. She has also been the key factor in maximising outreach and creating awareness among patients.

Dr. Sharmin, trained additionally in Preventive Oncology, likes to give talks and seminars on cancer prevention. She lives between Delhi, Dubai and London.

Dr. Sharmin Yaqin

Dr. Sharmin Yaqin Cancer Specialist and Oncologist

Both, Dr. Jamal and Dr. Sharmin, have tirelessly devoted their time, energy and resources at developing Denvax treatment and making it available, affordable and accessible for all cancer patients. They are particularly grateful to their initial patients who supported them in proving the safety and efficacy of the treatment. They are also grateful to the Government of India, particularly the Prime Minister of India, for supporting newer treatments. Denvax is an apt product for Make in India campaign, initiated by our Honourable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi.


To make the cancer treatment affordable & accessible to a large patient population.


Greater number of patients should be benefited from high quality meaningful research.

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