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Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment Success Stories

Some of our patients' profile is presented here, indicating efficacy of dendritic cell vaccines. Only those patients have been mentioned here who had limited options or ones who had exhausted the conventional modes of cancer treatment, were given dendritic cell therapy and improved both in terms of quality of life and extended survival. Immunotherapy success rate for cancer, however, depends on several factors. Read more about how successful is immunotherapy for cancer before taking a call.

Our Success Stories


A 46-year-old male was operated for mediastinal tumor in 2010. It was diagnosed as T-cell lymphoma (Lymphoblastic Lymphoma). He started his treatment with chemotherapy. Each time he had to be admitted for managing the complications of chemotherapy. He was losing weight and appetite and having erosions of mucosal membrane. He required G-CSF injections along with antibiotics and lots of IV fluids to maintain his cell counts and nutrition. He was unable to tolerate 4th dose of chemotherapy when he consulted his oncologist to combine chemotherapy with dendritic cell therapy. During the course of conventional treatment, he received mediastinal radiation also for 4 weeks.  The oncologist accepted the protocol and the chemotherapy was combined with DENVAX cell therapy doses that concluded in six months (from November 2010 to April 2011).  

With this combined approach he stopped developing the post-chemotherapy complication. The patient suffered no chemo-related adverse effects contrary to the earlier findings. He has improved in performance status and is working in his office without taking a day-off from work. He is having regular follow ups and is free of disease as confirmed by his PET-CT in January 2011.


Ms. ArunaTyagi, a 44-year-old patient of cholangiocarcinoma (gallbladder duct) treated by Dr. Jamal A. Khan by dendritic cell therapy, is cancer-free for the last five years. Ms. Tyagi had primary cancer in common bile duct, pancreas and duodenum. She was operated upon by Whipple's procedure in May 2006 and completed her chemotherapy and radiation, but the success was short lived. After 9 months she developed a swelling in abdominal wall (secondary metastsis). The surgeon took a second chance and she was again operated for abdominal metastasis. She was offered second line chemotherapy by her treating physician but she refused knowing it would not give her long term benefits. She came to know of Dr. Jamal A. Khan, cancer immunotherapist, pioneer of Dendritic cell therapy in India. Dr. Khan MBBS, MD who has treated over a thousand patients till date, discussed the cancer treatment plan with her. She was constantly monitored by serum marker tests and ultrasound exams. Gradually, the DENVAX therapy was given at increasing intervals. In August 2009, she was subjected to PET-CT examination and found to be completely free of disease with no active lesions found. 

She continues to receive Denvax Therapy from Dr. Jamal A. Khan and is cancer-free, till date.

Disclaimer: It is the OTPL’s policy never to disclose patient identity. This is an isolated case where we are disclosing the patient's identity. This information is shared in consent with Mrs. ArunaTyagi. It has also been covered in the magazine 'The Week' published from India dated 11 August, 2012.


A 60-year-old female presented with metastatic clear cell carcinoma of kidney in December 2007. Her right kidney was excised and subjected to histopathology examination. It revealed pathological stage TNM- pT3 N1 M1. Her complaints were pain in abdomen and frequent urination. She presented with weight loss and anemia.
She was given the option of DENVAX, dendritic cell-based immunotherapy. She received five doses at monthly interval. In three doses, her complaints began to resolve and was back to her normal self in five doses. Intermittently, she continued to receive DENVAX therapy.

She was again evaluated in March 2011 for routine check up and was further advised to received additional DC therapies. Her reports indicate no active disease. Overall her health is good and she does all her normal activities without any assistance.

She is completing 4 years of her quality life without receiving chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies or interferons and is maintained on dendritic cell therapy.


An elderly male suffering from cancer of the urinary bladder (Transitional Cell Carcinoma) received Denvax therapy. He developed the disease in 2012 that was surgically removed. Post-surgery he opted for Denvax therapy. The referral came from his daughter who is a leading pathologist in Mumbai. During the first three months of therapy he additionally received BCG infusions into the urinary bladder given by his surgeon. Unfortunately, the disease relapsed in four months and he had to undergo second surgery to clear off the lesion. They were now having options to take chemotherapy although expected success was very little. The surgeon asked them to consider taking out urinary bladder completely but patient refused due to the poor quality of life he would lead. We suggested considering exclusive Dendritic cell therapy as BCG had failed to check the disease before moving to next step. It is known that the BCG treatment creates inflammatory response and serves as bait for immune cells to come and take control of cancer cells. The inflammatory response probably disturbed the T-cell based protection that we were going to get with Dendritic cells. The patient agreed and we gave him another set of six doses of Denvax. He was re-examined and no new growth of tumor was detected. He continues to receive Denvax at three-months interval. It is almost three years of disease-free period now. He plays golf five days-a week and drives his car at the age of 76 years.


A young female consulted me in late 2014. She had a history of HCC (Hepatocellular carcinoma) with Hepatitis B positive status, with resection performed in early 2014. Gradually she progressed with disease. When she came to our clinic she had weakness and lethargy. Her PET-CT indicated disease in the liver and lungs. Her lab parameters were deranged but serum bilirubin was within normal limits. She was put on Denvax, dendritic cell therapy, and within three months of therapy she started showing signs of improvement. Her latest PET-CT done this month has shown complete resolution of the disease. Additionally, her hepatitis B test has become negative. Nothing of this sort has ever been reported in the medical literature.


A dynamic, middle-aged male diagnosed of metastatic RCC (Renal cell carcinoma) and operated in 2012, developed widespread metastasis by 2013. He was treated in one of the leading hospitals in Gurgaon. He was taking monoclonal antibody (mab) designed for RCC but to no avail. He consulted and opted for additional (adjuvant) Dendritic cell therapy. We gave him the first dose in January 2014. The mab was gradually reduced to half and subsequently to quarter of the standard dose. He started gaining weight and cleared off of all his lesions in the body. His PET CT indicated complete resolution of the disease. He is on dendritic cell therapy maintenance therapy at monthly intervals. He travels widely not only between cities but countries due to his professional commitments. He can afford that as his health is perfectly normal and has no complaints of whatsoever type he used to have earlier.  His lab parameters are also normal. He is evaluated in August 2015


A 58-year-old lady was diagnosed of cancer ovary in June 2004. Her CA 125 antigen marker was positive and in the range of 10,000 units. She was operated upon and given six cycles of chemotherapy. She recovered from her disease and her marker was also within normal range.  After one year, the CA 125 began rising and she presented to us with an increased titre of 400 units. There were signs of recurrence, and she opted for DC (DENVAX) therapy in June 2005. She has completed three years of receiving DENVAX. She is free of disease, proven both clinically and by radiological examinations. Her CA 125 marker is also stable for the last three years.We have done series of ovarian cancer patients and the presentation is available in publications section of our webpages.


One of our patient was diagnosed with CA left maxilla in the year 2005. He was operated upon and received chemotherapy as well as radiation. Later, his tumor reappeared at the same site within a gap of six months leading to second surgery and chemotherapy. He decided for DENVAX. He has received 8 doses of DC Vaccine in 18 months and there is no recurrence till date. He is back to his job and is enjoying life by playing badminton for two hours every evening. He continued DENVAX cancer treatment for another 2 doses given 4 months apart and has completed stopped DENVAX in 2007. He is last evaluated in March 2015 and is radiologically free of disease.


A 48-year-old bed-ridden male patient, suffering from multiple myeloma with recurrent-urinary infection came to us in June 2006. His disease progressed from solitary plasmacytoma to multiple myeloma over a period of three years. During this period, he received various cycles of chemotherapy and pelvic radiation. He was also operated upon for fracture of neck femur. His IgG was 4500 mg/dL at that time. Bone scan revealed multiple active sites all along the spine and pelvic girdle. His performance status was poor and there were no active regimes of chemotherapy available at that stage. We started giving him Dendritic cell cancer vaccine manufactured using his M band protein content as antigen processed in our lab. He received eight doses of DC cancer vaccines till September of 2007. For the last one year, he was able to walk a few steps, take bath on his own, and his performance status had improved. His recent bone scan indicated regression of disease. There was benefit both, in survival and quality of life. The patient ceases to survive.


A 28-year-old lady was treated for osteosarcoma of right tibia, in 2005. She received radiation and chemotherapy after the amputation of her right leg. Later, she developed metastasis in both lung fields and was again advised for chemotherapy in November 2006.  Instead she opted for a combined treatment plan of chemotherapy and Dendritic cell therapy; she has received three cycles of chemotherapy and 7 DC vaccines till date. Her post treatment CT scan reveals normalcy of lung fields. She has been rehabilitated and is back to her normal routine with a near perfect performance status.


A 68-year-old lady came to us in December 2005 with left lobe Large cell cancer of the lung with pleural effusion from the same side. She had till then received a single dose of chemotherapy and had refused further doses. Pleural tapping was done and her TAA was identified and stored for DC vaccine preparation. She received 9 doses of DC therapy in a 9-month period. Her PFT improved and also the performance status. CECT remained unremarkable. The pleural fluid was replaced by consolidation. The tumor has not progressed since then and there is no evidence of metastasis to any organ. The cancer patient is surviving and is no more receiving DC vaccines. She is now on immunotherapy for the last 12 months.


A middle-aged patient came with a history of carcinoma stomach along with the involvement of the lower end of the esophagus and duodenum. His CT scan depicted the extension of disease to adjoining lymph nodes. He was operated upon without any success due to the extensive nature of the disease. A feeding jejunostomy tube was installed to avoid starvation as the disease may not allow him to take any more feeds through the oral cavity. He was given palliative chemotherapy but could not tolerate even one cycle. We started dendritic cell therapy and his condition started improving gradually. He was taking his meals even after eight months of diagnosis contrary to the expectations of his doctors. His feeding jejunostomy tube was removed as it remained purposeless. He lived a comfortable life for a year since the diagnosis of advanced and incurable cancer of the stomach.


A 35-year old female, diagnosed of triple-negative breast cancer, consulted Dr. Khan who advised her surgery. From May 2013 onwards, she was given Denvax along with 3 cycles of low dose chemotherapy. She has since then developed no relapse and is till date, disease-free. She continues to go to her job and enjoys a good quality of life. Her PET CT done recently shows no disease.


A 75-year-old male, diagnosed of CA Prostate in 2011, got himself operated. Post-surgery, hormone therapy was started. However, his PSA (tumor marker) started to rise and a new medicine with steroids was recommended. By 2013, his health started deteriorating with symptoms of increased urgency and frequency of urination. He consulted Dr. Khan for Dendritic cell therapy and was put on Denvax at fortnightly interval. Soon after, his PSA level began to fall and was 14 mg% from 22 mg%, within a few weeks’ time. Not only that, he started to feel better; his urinary complaints settled, and he stopped other therapy. Currently, he is leading a comfortable and symptom-free life.


A 46-year-old male diagnosed with sarcoma of the tibia (left leg bone) with lung secondary presented in November 2009 for dendritic cell therapy. He was operated earlier, and had received chemotherapy and radiation therapy. His disease was progressing with all the above methods.

He was advised and put on DENVAX. He completed his six doses in April 2010. He regained his health and was back to his normal life. He started to work again. There was a progression free interval of one year. His disease resurfaced in April 2011 with complaints of cough and a Chest CT showing disease progression. He has again been advised dendritic cell therapy along with chemotherapy. He has shown response by showing no adverse effects of chemotherapy as well as symptoms subsiding. 


A 74-year-old male presented to us with complaints of inoperable prostate cancer with metastasis to pelvic bones. He had pain in limbs with difficulty to move; was bedridden most of the time. Initially, he responded with hormone therapy but gradually it turned hormone-resistant. He had to take three to four doses of pain killers for day to day management. We started with DENVAX therapy in the year 2007. Within three doses of the therapy, he became pain-free requiring no further pain killer medication. Gradually he resumed his day to day activities including riding the motorcycle and going back to his shop. His PSA level fell to 4-5 units and has remained stable since then. He is continuing cancer treatment and receives doses of DENVAX every three months. To date, he continues to receive dendritic cell therapy. He is still active, mobile, and disease-free.

Ms Indu Soni

45-year-old Female from New Delhi, Diagnosed with Bilateral Ovarian Carcinoma with Peritoneal and Lymph node metastasis. Came to us In March-2021, post-surgery (Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy). Her ECOG performance status was 1. She was administered DENVAX, a Dendritic Cell-based autologous Cancer Immunotherapy total of 25 doses (23 intravenous doses and 2 cycles of Local dose) at 15- 21 days intervals, along with low-dose chemotherapy (Gemcitabine & Bevacizumab 9 cycles and also paclitaxel). Her health improved during the course of the treatment, along with weight gain. Her PET CT scan on June-22 reveals near complete Resolution. The patient is symptom-free and in good health.

Mr Anuj Kumar

44-year-old Male from Gurgaon, Diagnosed with Carcinoma Tongue with bilateral cervical Lymph nodes metastasis in November 2021. Came to us immediately with ECOG performance Status 1. As he was not willing to surgery, he was administered DENVAX, Dendritic Cell-based Autologous Intravenous Cancer Immunotherapy total of 9 doses at 15-30 days intervals along with low dose chemotherapy (paclitaxel at weekly and fortnightly intervals). He was also on Oral passive immunotherapy on and off (EGFR inhibitor). His recent PET CT scan (Dec-22) reveals complete Metabolic Resolution. The patient is symptom-free and in good health.

Mr Rajender Singh

A 54-year-old male from Sonipat, Diagnosed with Metastatic carcinoma colon. The patient was operated on (Radical sigmoid Colectomy) in Dec-2020, which was followed by 8 cycles of chemotherapy (FOLFIRI). Came to us in February 2021 with stage 4 disease with weight loss & cachexia. He was administered DENVAX, a Dendritic Cell-based Autologous Intravenous Cancer Immunotherapy total of 15 doses at 15-21 days intervals, along with an immune checkpoint inhibitor (Nivolumab) at a monthly interval total of 12 doses. His overall health improved with time along with weight gain. His recent PET CT scan (Nov-22) reveals complete Metabolic Resolution. The patient is symptom-free and in good health.

Mr Izhar Ahmed

50yr old male from Kolkata was diagnosed with carcinoma oral cavity with cervical lymph nodes metastasis. Consulted us in October 2021 post 20 sessions of radiotherapy and oral chemotherapy (methotrexate and erlotinib). The patient's ECOG performance status was 0. He was administered DENVAX, Dendritic Cell-based Autologous Cancer Immunotherapy both intravenous and intralesional total of 18 doses (14 Intravenous doses & 4 cycles of intralesional doses) along with low-dose chemotherapy (6 cycles of Gemcitabine and 6 cycles of Cisplatin & 5-FU) in the initial phase of treatment. His lesion improved during the course of the therapy. His 2 consecutive PET CT scan 3 months apart (Aug-22 and Nov-22) show complete resolution. The patient is symptom-free and in good health.

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